Longyao Capital must produce high-quality products.
Longshine is the Year of the Dragon coin created by Longyao Capital.
Long Yao, a well-known capital banker, has a distinguished record.
The exclusive entity company of Longyao Network was registered and established to realize cross-border alliance.

LongShine Capital

🐲Longyao Capital🐲 and ⭐️Star Community⭐️strong alliance 🔥Xuhao Community 🔥Wolf Group Community 🔥Three-Year-Old Community 🔥Da Shenlong Community🔥Durian Community provides great help 🚀Promote Long Yao to make great progress and create greater glory.

Adopt the most powerful follow-up dividend agreement and burning USDT agreement in the entire network, and an ultra-high-speed burning dividend deflation mode.


The amount of Longyao coins is 900 billion, and the pot is 20,000 knives.


The "Burning + Black Hole" mechanism explodes to rule everything


3% slippage in trading, of which 1% repurchase points, 1% repurchase, and 1% marketing


Sell and follow orders 30%: 10% of which are black hole dividends and 20% are burned out

About LongShine

Longyao is a decentralized digital currency developed based on blockchain technology, aiming to provide users with a safer and more convenient way to pay and transact assets.

It uses advanced encryption algorithms and distributed ledger technology to ensure the anonymity, immolability and traceability of transactions, providing users with strong security.

Longyao Highlights

🌐 Enter the market in an echelon with limited purchases at the opening, and the chips will be dispersed to the maximum extent

🌐 Private placement of 80% of the currency amount is forced into the black hole to minimize selling pressure

🌐Automatically pull the market in the forward direction, follow orders for unlimited deflation, violently distribute dividends through suction holes, and achieve zero bubbles

🌐Repurchase of Longyao’s all black hole articles by entities with more than 20% profit

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How to buy LongShine

The LongShine Token is currently only listed on Pancakeswap. We may be listed on DEX soon!

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Longyao mechanism:
♻️Transfer a minimum of 5 million LongShine into the black hole address, participate in USDT dividends and compound interest, and actively trigger an increase in currency prices.
♻️One quota burns 200u, 80u pulls the market to think, 80u helps the first place to be eliminated, 40u returns to the pot, infinite loop, the currency price rises infinitely.
♻️For each selling order that consumes pledges/DAPP/tokens and transfers them into the empty space, 10% dividends will be distributed to all the addresses that are transferred into the empty list and the exchange dividends will be distributed equally.
♻️The pot automatically burns 7.5% every day to reduce the simultaneous increase in currency prices.


Token Name


Token Symbol


Total Supply

Buy & Sell Tax (3%)

Repo point(1%)

Repo (1%)

Marketing (1%)



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